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Perfect Balance of Discipline and Affection

We’re here to help you build trust, communication and a solid bond with your companion.

Dog Training Services

Here at BULLetproof Balanced K9 LLC, we offer dog training services for clients in Bellevue, Washington. We’ll start with a complimentary phone consultation where our trainer can assess your pet's needs so we can create a training plan tailored to your needs. We also have puppy play groups, structured daycare and boarding, and do board and trains.

We work with dogs and puppies to give them real world dog training. What we focus on:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Behavior Modification
  • Anxiety
  • Reactivity

We offer the following services:

  • Structured daycare
  • Day training
  • Board and trains
  • Structured boarding
  • Puppy play groups
  • One on one private lessons

Pack Walking Service

Pack walks are a great way for dogs to experience strangers and other dogs in a safe environment. Experiencing new things is crucial for developing a dog's ability to handle new situations. It desensitizes them from noise and distraction and helps them to stay calm in crowded streets or with other dogs.

BULLetproof Balanced K9 LLC works with confidence-building exercises, teaching your dogs to self-soothe and decompress. We believe it is important to transition your dog into real-life scenarios. Pack walks build trust and respect to transfer these skills in the real world.


No refunds. Credits are applicable only toward future fees for use of services and are not convertible into cash or any type of refund. Credit is only applied with more than 72 hours notice. All board and trains once booked must pay 50% of their bill as a non-refundable deposit to reserve and hold space. No refunds, or prepaid amounts will be given for early termination by client. Credits and partial credits are given consideration under special circumstances.

Get in touch with us for more details. You may also contact us to request a free quote or estimate.

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